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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let the sales begin!

Actually there's not really more we can say, but since we like to talk just for the sake of talking, we'll just ramble on a bit.

From the 12th of December till the 31st, you're money is worth more in the world of Tolky Monkys. A lot of our characters have knocked down their prices and now their veeeeery cheap. Come on, they're dying to get sponsored. You can find the t-shirts for girls and boys at 12€ with a 45% discount, sweatshirts and hoodies from 30€ and 29€ with more than a 20€ discount, and polo shirts at 25€.

Now the price is even less of an excuse to get one of our characters. Let it begin!

P.S.: We recommend you check out our homepage in order to see some of the offers on one page: www.tolkymonkys.com/en/

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010!! What did Santa bring this year?

Hello everyone! We hope 2010 brings all the best, both to our assiduous readers and the occasional ones. At last the Christmas vortex has closed up, and we can now dedicate a few words to start the New Year off. Gosh! Once December starts, we don't even seem like people any more. Stopping to take a breath is a luxury we can't afford during these times, and from it's very beginning we're already wishing it would be over. It's not that we don't like Christmas, we do, but it's rhythm is infernal. Between work, that just keeps piling up, and personal commitments, we Tolky Monkys end up driving ourselves mad. Doesn't this happen to you? Well, once it's gone and past, we can start off with the New Year and start really enjoying ourselves ;] And those of you who are more wised up have even started to make a list of resolutions, a list which, surely, will never be fulfilled in its entirety, but whatever... Enjoy yourselves, life is short...

And getting presents is a great way to enjoy the start of the year. What did Santa bring? If you managed to land one of our Characters, we hope you'll send us a photo, or upload it directly to our Facebook page. It's not so difficult. Santa brought us various things: books, a couple of nice mobiles, comics, etc. And for here, the studio, perhaps we'll get some new computers, but that depends on another Santa, Santa Jr., or in other words, the bank =P We hope he hears our cries and pleas and helps us to change this stuff, cause it's been many years with the same junk now.

Not much else to say yet, until the next article!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

New hoodies... Tell us you weren't holding your breaths ^_^

With a little bit late on schedule, our lovely new hoodies have finally landed in our on-line store. This year it took a little more on our account for various reasons which we won't bother to bore you with, but without a doubt it was worth it once again and we present them to you with oh so much pride.

As we have done so in other seasons, they are tailor-made, 100% cotton and printed on gigantic silk-screens. And of course, the hoods are once again the protagonists. All of them come with different printed details. For those of you who are new to our products, here's a little preview:
Even bigger news, we announce that this year WE'VE ALSO MADE A FEW DESIGNS EXCLUSIVE TO GIRLS. Which means they're all nicely fitted and stuff... Sizes S, M and L. You can see the exact sizes on our Size Chart. After all that you've written us asking for them, we hope that they're out of stock as soon as you've finished this article, or being prudent, at least by the time Christmas is over, because it has cost us an arm and a foot finding the right model. Or so we think... Pfff!!

The Characters we've prepared are:


- Panda, the ferocious one: Brown Color [120 hoodies]
- BLACK ANGEL, the Hell guardian: Black Color [180 hoodies]
- Hikiko VS Pacman: Kakhi Color [120 hoodies]

GIRL HOODIES [First in the World!!]

- The Star Cleaner: Marine Color [50 hoodies]
- Hikiko loves Toad: Color Rojo [100 hoodies]
- Air Dudes: Grey Color [150 hoodies]

Tell us, what do you think of this year's batch? Do you like the sweaters for girls? Lying is a capital sin, but if it's to say something good about us, it's considered just a little white lie and you'll still go to Heaven =)

You can see all these photos in big format on our Flickr.

Panda, the ferocious one

Hikiko loves Toad

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lottery for Characters - Christmas 2009

After last year's success and knowing that things are currently a little bit difficult, this year we wanted to repeat the experience so we're going to organize our own Christmas Lottery. When? Well between 3rd of December and the 3rd of January all those of you who order online shall be entered into the draw.
What does it consist of? It's easy. We've issued a bunch of tickets, each with a series and a two-digit number. If this number matches with the last two mega ball numbers of the NiƱo Lottery, that will take place on the 6th of January in Spain, then you'll be the lucky winner. And what if you get all of the numbers in a series? Well, we begin a new serial number: 2, 3, 4... as many as are necessary. So, this means that if you place an order during this Christmas Holiday you'll have up to a 4% chance of being a winner.

And how can you get hold of a ticket? Easier still. Depending on the amount you spend in your orders on our website (www.tolkymonkys.com/en) this Christmas, we'll give you a specific number of shares:

- From 30€ to 50€: 1 coupon
- From 51€ to 90€: 2 coupons
- From 91€ and up: 4 coupons

What´s the prize? Well, if you're one of the lucky coupon owners, you'll have to contact us and we'll give you back the entire amount spent on your buy. So, it'll be completely FREE. Hell yeah!

We hope you like the idea!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We're featured in the newspaper Informados

Well it looks like the World has started to acquire good taste. They have written a small article about us for the paper “Informados”, from Murcia. A big shout out to all people from Murcia!

A few months ago we were contacted by a reporter from the newspaper, Jose Angel, and they sent us a little survey that we responded very pleased. To tell the truth, these things still excite us as much as they did in the beginning ;]

Download article in PDF. [Only in Spanish]

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We've changed the label on our products

Like we usually do every year, we've made a few modifications on the card label that comes with all of our Products. Those of you who have bought anything will know what we're on about, but for those who haven't sinned yet, here's a photo:
On the front we have maintained the illustration of the Character and part of its story both in English and Spanish. As you can see, we've adapted the colour scheme to the season, light blue being the protagonist. As a novelty, we've added the edition the product belongs to and the number of pieces printed in said edition. We think this is an important aspect on our products, because when buying, we know that you look for something different that not many people have. And that's exactly what this little detail tries to highlight.

And on the back, we've printed a complete graphic composition on different cards. This way, to view the entire illustration, you'll have to get together labels from the different Characters. It's kind of like a puzzle, although it's likely that none of you will complete it =P It will look like this:

If you think of any ideas for our next label designs, write it in the comments below, because we've already started to think of them ;]