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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tolky Monkys Illustration Contest - 2nd edition

One more time, and this the second [view some of the winner illustrations of the past edition], we are organizing the Tolky Monkys Illustration Contest in association with the "Arte y Diseño" magazine. Maybe you know it and if not, with this name you don´t need any explanations. You can visit either their site or blog to know them better.

The contest will be publish on numbers 116 and 117. The first one is available from now on. As in the last year, to participate in this contest you need a lot of imagination and illustration skills. You´ll have to visit our site, search the Character which inspires you most and make a version either in an existent situation or a new one. The images must be sent before August 5th via mail or by postal mail to the magazine ayd[at]mcediciones[dot]com or Pg. Sant Gervasi 16-20 Barcelona. Once the deadline for the reception of the illustrations is reached, a jury formed by Tolky Monkys and Arte y Diseño will choose the prizewinners.

To participate you must live either in Europe or America. The illustrations [maximum 3 per person], can be done using any artistic design technic, but must be sent in digital format, have a 300dpi resolution, maximum size of 50cm * 70cm or viceversa and being in CMYK. All the illustrations sent might be used by Tolky Monkys to carry out exhibitions or any other type of events. However, they won´t be used to be printed on t-shirts or any kind of format for its commercialization. This is important, cause in any case we want to take profit of this contest. We just want to have fun with all of you ;]

And what is more important, the prizes. There will be different categories and in each one, there will be several winners. Besides, there will be several accesits that will be given following undetermined criterias, so don´t try to understand them.

1] BEST TECHNIC: A Tolky Monkys´ pack to choose by the winners among the items available at the site in the moment that we publish the results. 3 winners.

- 1st prize..: 6 items.
- 2nd prize: 4 items.
- 3rd prize: 2 items.

2] THE FUNNIEST: A Tolky Monkys´ pack to choose by the winners among the items available at the site in the moment that we publish the results. 2 winners.

- 1st prize..: 4 items.
- 2nd prize: 2 items.

3] ACCESITS: Give away of 5 surprise t-shirts among all the participants. 5 winners. One t-shirt per each.

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