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Friday, June 26, 2009

New polo-shirts, for good-looking guys

While other stores are on sales, in Tolky Monkys we stay calm and continue publishing new Characters and designs. Why not? As you know we've created our own world with a different rythm... ;]

We have got 4 designs on polo shirts 100% cotton, manufactured on a unique self-pattern and with double stitched collar, sleeves and lower hem. Mamma mia!! It fits like a glove and you look like a gentleman. Is important to underline that there are only 150 units of each design, distributed among S, M, L and XL sizes. If you like them, you'd better be quick, because is likely they are sold out very soon, especially S and XL sizes, that are very few. We know this looks like a commercial trick, but it's true that these sizes are sold very fast ;]

From all the designs, the Air Dudes are a reedition, another, Hikiko, is a classic t-shirt, Saurio is a new Character and One-eared Rabbit and his desintegrator robot is a development of an existant Character.

View all the polo shirts in the store
View big huge photos in our Flickr

Air Dudes
SAURIO, thre dragon thing [FRONT]
SAURIO, the dragon thing [BACK]


John said...

Those polo shirts are awesome!

I also found some that have a pretty cool logo, but they might be slightly inappropriate


jerry john said...

It was great to see the old printshop and everyone who works there again. I am excited to see a printing business still operating and growing, great job guys http://www.polo-ralph.org

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